Classical music of northern India performed on bansuri (bamboo flute) 
and shehnai (oboe) by Mitch Greenberg

Mitch Greenberg is an accomplished performer on the bansuri and shehnai.  He studied bansuri 
in Allahabad under Pt.Bholanath Prasanna (Bhola Nath Prasanna), and has been performing in the 
northeastern U.S. and elsewhere for forty years.  Herewith, samples from recent performances:

Hamsadhwani (bansuri)  
Yaman (bansuri) 
Gamelan Todi (bansuri)
Banarsi Dhun (bansuri)
Darbari Kannada (shehnai)
Malkauns (shehnai)

                              recent cd featuring Mitch on bansuri (music from National Geographic's™ Great Indian Railway):                  

Bansuri cd available

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